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AIM: Asian Institute of Management MBA Essay Editing and Reviewing Service

AIM: Asian Institute of Management, Manila

AIM: Located at Manila, Philippines, AIM is one of Asia's leading business schools, with a steady reputation within the continent. Established in 1970 it is also one of the early international b-schools located in Asia. AIM's main offerings are the 16 month MBA and the 11 month MM (Master in Management).

AIM MBA Application Deadlines (2010-2011) for Indian Nationals: 30 Nov 2010 [Admission tests in India on 5 Dec 2010, classes open 5 Sep 2011]

AIM MBA Application 2010-2011 Essays: 

Essays for MBA and MM programs are the same.
Answer each question in essay form, typed single-spaced, on separate letter-sized paper, with one-inch margins on all sides. Type your name at the top of each page. For the MBA and MM, the total word count for all four essays should not exceed 1,500 words and each essay should not exceed one page in length.

AIM MBA Essay 1. What school and community organizations did you join while in college and what are your major contributions to these organizations?

AIM MBA Essay 2. Describe your three most accomplishments to date, and what personal traits or qualities enabled you to accomplish these?

AIM MBA Essay 3. In addition to academic qualifications and work experience, what other personal factors can you cite to strengthen consideration for your application?

AIM MBA Essay 4. Describe two business problems or opportunities you wish to investigate for your thesis. How would your investigations contribute to your community, business organization, or the national economy?

Editing and Reviewing service for Asian Institute of Management MBA Admission Essays

Service summary
  • One-on-one reviewing and editing service from one of Gateway2MBA’s seasoned professional editors, who have mastered the art of business school personal statement writing.
  • Review: Your assigned editor will review your drafts critically and will provide recommendations for further improvement. His/her critiques will be based on following criteria: Have the questions been answered properly? Are the essays meeting the requirements of Asian Institute of Management? Is there consistency between the answers? Do the thoughts have been well organised and logical? Are they interesting to read and able to engage the reader? Do the essays together present any unique selling point?
  • Editing: Your editor will enhance your essays with a focus on the sentence structure, grammar, style, spelling and word usage.
  • The initial iterations will be mainly reviewing and will be aimed to present the best of you. The subsequent iterations will be for editing and polishing the essays. To know more about the process, please visit the Service Contents page.
  • Your essays will be proof read by a second editor to ensure all your essays follow the best practices of essay writing. To read the best practices, please click here.
  • Unlimited iterations until the essays reach a mutually agreeing satisfaction level.
  • If you have not prepared your first drafts and need help to develop your thoughts, then your editor will provide you additional support for brainstorming, without any extra charges.
  • Prompt three-business-day turnaround.
  • 15% discount on resume & recommendation letter critique services.
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