Friday, November 23, 2012

Sop (Statement of Purpose)

A MBA  statement of purpose (sop) or MBApersonal statement is the most powerful element in your admission quiver where the admission committee seeks to see the spark in you .It is a large set that encompasses all your characteristic traits, It is the sum total of your personality. So it is vital for you to jot down every tit bit of what you are made of, in your SOP.

So, your MBA statement of purpose (sop) or MBA personal statement,  should give an answer to many questions about the kind of person you are, your Intelligence as well as Emotional Quotient, the story of your achievements and  failures, leadership and people management traits .The stumbling blocks in your life, and how you overcame them. How you have grown as a person. Why are you doing MBA, why now, which types of  colleges are you applying to and why.

But to that dream college of yours, sadly you are not the only one who is applying .Until the committee chooses you, you are just one of the lot. And the only way for you to catch the attention of them is when your statement is powerful enough to portray your spirit. It should contain the quality and novelty of your ideas along with the fire within you to make them real. So you need to muse over what you intend to write again and again. It is always advisable to write down your own ideas and take the help of a professional essay editing service, to make it look more eloquent and competitive.

So before you pen your ideas down here are some tips to do it methodically. Depending on the flow of your story you can prioritize these points in order of your description.

Your academic achievement :  Every committee will desire students with  an excellent academic record,  i.e. your Undergrad and Grad score along with your GMAT score. But no need to fret if you have been an average student throughout, you can always highlight something else to make it even. Say you did well at a particular subject or you excelled in your class presentations, or your ability to prepare projects has own you accolades.

Professional accomplishments: Its not a perfect world, not are we. The admission committee also does not expect you to be good at every sphere, Finance, Banking, HR. Then there will be nothing left to learn. The  admission committee  expects you to be good at any particular sphere, which is logical to your career aspirations. You can show through your work experience.

Personality traits : Every committee will desire students with multifarious traits. you need to tell them your achievements where you have shown exceptional managerial ability, your Interpersonal and communication skills, your Leadership abilities and how you are a team player. Cite all these with proper examples .Keep in mind that you don’t have to write something that the admission committee wants to hear. Rather make it real and write a credible story.

Your short term and long term career goal :This must a logical progression to your academic achievements as well as professional experience. And there should also be credibility in your future plans along with your predetermined path through which you want to reach there.

Extracurricular skills with examples: Every admission committee wants to take such students who will enrich their multicultural environment. For e.g. one students who knows ballet has a better chance of being selected over another student who is academically and professionally equal, but has no extracurricular activities. So whatever that keeps you glued in your free time, be it charity, music, camping, trekking, river rafting, anything, you need to explain it. It will surely help your candidature.

Why this school: You need to show your genuine interest in the school as well as in the program. You also need to justify why you prefer this school over others. It may be the curriculum, student community   , international network, location of the school, world class faculty .Whatever it is you need to justify how much value the school will add to your life.

Your expectation from the MBA program: You know yourself the best. You know your achievements and failure. So what you aspire to learn from this program, and how do you think the college will help you in your career progression, both professional and personal.

What can you contribute to the community: Every student is expected to add to the richness of the class . You need to prove that you have something that others will be benefitted from. Your mastery over academics, or  your analytical and problem solving ability, how you are good at managing a team, or if  you have mastery over many languages. You can also write how you can contribute to the class through your soft skills.


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