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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our viewers and Clients! May this Christmas bring you all the love and luck in the world! Celebrate this Christmas with all your near and dear ones.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MBA Essay Editing

Obviously you are a good student. Your GMAT score reflects that. You are also an excellent employee of your organization who excelled in every project .Your ability to lead a team, communication and motivation skills are exemplary. And in extracurricular you are the heartthrob of the crowd. So you are absolutely certain that you are that sought after student that the admission committee will be delighted to take.

MBA Essay Tips

But so are hundreds of others like you. So why the admission committee will select you. You never get the chance to tell them your side of the story, until you get a thumbs up from their side for the interviews. And chances are only a hundreds of candidates among the thousands of applicants, who could create an impactful picture of themselves will be called for the interview.

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The bright side is that there is a trick, if followed, will do wonders for your candidature. That is MBA admission essays, which are the windows that connect you to the committee. You need to portray yourself in such an eloquent manner that your essays will come out be the Best. But MBA essay writing is no child’s play. You are not writing it to get good grades in your class. This is for one of the biggest opportunity of your life. So you need to reflect on every single aspect of your life .Your professional and personal achievements ,hurdles in life and your struggle to achieve them, Your Managerial  ability, leadership roles, Strategic thinking ,Problem solving abilities, extracurricular activities.

MBA Essay Tips

If you don’t want to leave your candidature on providence, it is always advisable to take the help of professional service providers such as Gateway2MBA for MBA essay editing. They are from the top business schools of the world and  have mastered the art of MBA essay writings. So to write the best MBA essays jot down your story ,prioritize and explain them methodically, edit them through a service provider, and your dream B-school is not far away.


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Best MBA Essay

Ever wondered what is it, which will compel the admission committee to take you. You might be very good at studies, but so is the person who has secured similar GMAT score. You excelled at your professional career, but there are many who are as good as you, or even better. It’s a cut throat competition, you vs the rest of the world .But in this fight you don’t get a chance to stand before the committee to sing your story until you qualify for the interview. So the only way to portray a rosy picture of you in front of the admission committee is through MBA admission essays. These essays are your windows through which you flaunt yourself vividly.

But MBA essay writing is no school or college exam. You need to be prepared with a strategy to write powerful essays. The best MBA essays should touch every sphere of your personality. Your professional and personal achievement, soft skills, analytical and reasoning ability, emotional strength, patience, industriousness, caliber to work under pressure and even your extracurricular activities.

If you think, you you can write an impactful essay, keep in mind you are competing with the best of the world. Some of you would prefer to write an essay and show them to family and friends and pray that they might get a call. And there are some like you, who are focused enough not to leave it on providence. For those career oriented professionals it is always advised to take the help of professional MBA essay editing services for MBA essay writing.

If you are apprehensive about which company to choose, when there are so many of them. You should .do your homework before buying. You need to get the best for your money, and career. So take their trial packs. Their professional touch will instantly add a lot of value to your essays.

Monday, November 26, 2012

MBA Interview tips and questionnaire

So you burned the midnight oil and cracked it. The day you get the Interview call from your dream B school you are on the cloud number nine. But here comes the most gruelling examination of them all. You will be screened from the masses who are as good as you, as qualified as you. They might also have taken professional essay editing service to portray the brightest side of their candidature. And the rule of thumb says ( though it might vary from school to school) only one candidate from the person sitting right and left to you and you yourself, will be selected.

So why would they take you. what is it in you that sets you apart from the others. The last minute rush won’t suffice. You need to prepare far ahead of your Interview call, if you don’t want to end up the person sitting next to you.

Mba Interview
1.Your Essays, their peephole: Your essays are your pictures. The more eloquent they are the better they understand you. So while writing the essays do your homework. It is always advisable to take professional essay editing services. Your candidature should look most powerful, before the committee meets the person behind those lines.

 2. Predetermined mindset:  Unlike in a job Interview, in admission interviews, the interviewing committee possesses a predetermined mindset towards the person they are going to meet. As here you not only portray your professional and academic achievements, but you have also shown your soft side. So you need to rise up to their expectations .One wrong move and they might feel that they had over weighed your candidature from your essays. It will have a tremendously wrong impact on you, as the person sitting next to you might look better than you, though actually he is not.

3. Reread your application: On the day of your interview reread you application, resume, essays and whatever material you have sent them. You hold the answers to majority of the questions. Be ready with examples, on your non academic achievements. e.g situations where you have shown excellent managerial ability or your leadership traits. Chances are you already have penned them down in your essays. But the committee might like to hear it from the protagonist himself.

4. No trumpet blowing: Do not be pompous, as humility is more rewarding. If you have achieved something say so humbly. Never try to show you are more capable than you actually are. If there has been any failure, if asked ,say so frankly. Though you can always colour it to show them that this has been the turning point in your life and you are a more learned person now.

MBA Interview Questions
5. Body speaks louder than words: Your body language is more powerful than your spoken Language. Maintain proper eye contact, never fidget, bite your nails, touch your hair or nose, slouch, or shake your legs. Go with proper attire and well manicured nails.

6. Prepare a questionnaire: sit in front of the mirror with your list of probable questions. Answer them and look at yourself, your expression and body language. You can also take the help of a friend or family member. If you do this seriously chances are you will do fairly well in your interview.

7. Don’t be nervous : This is not the end of the world. You need to be cautious but do not burden yourself with anxiety.  If you don’t crack this one, you will still find a better option. But if you are nervous you might lose the chance no matter how good you are.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Sop (Statement of Purpose)

A MBA  statement of purpose (sop) or MBApersonal statement is the most powerful element in your admission quiver where the admission committee seeks to see the spark in you .It is a large set that encompasses all your characteristic traits, It is the sum total of your personality. So it is vital for you to jot down every tit bit of what you are made of, in your SOP.

So, your MBA statement of purpose (sop) or MBA personal statement,  should give an answer to many questions about the kind of person you are, your Intelligence as well as Emotional Quotient, the story of your achievements and  failures, leadership and people management traits .The stumbling blocks in your life, and how you overcame them. How you have grown as a person. Why are you doing MBA, why now, which types of  colleges are you applying to and why.

But to that dream college of yours, sadly you are not the only one who is applying .Until the committee chooses you, you are just one of the lot. And the only way for you to catch the attention of them is when your statement is powerful enough to portray your spirit. It should contain the quality and novelty of your ideas along with the fire within you to make them real. So you need to muse over what you intend to write again and again. It is always advisable to write down your own ideas and take the help of a professional essay editing service, to make it look more eloquent and competitive.

So before you pen your ideas down here are some tips to do it methodically. Depending on the flow of your story you can prioritize these points in order of your description.

Your academic achievement :  Every committee will desire students with  an excellent academic record,  i.e. your Undergrad and Grad score along with your GMAT score. But no need to fret if you have been an average student throughout, you can always highlight something else to make it even. Say you did well at a particular subject or you excelled in your class presentations, or your ability to prepare projects has own you accolades.

Professional accomplishments: Its not a perfect world, not are we. The admission committee also does not expect you to be good at every sphere, Finance, Banking, HR. Then there will be nothing left to learn. The  admission committee  expects you to be good at any particular sphere, which is logical to your career aspirations. You can show through your work experience.

Personality traits : Every committee will desire students with multifarious traits. you need to tell them your achievements where you have shown exceptional managerial ability, your Interpersonal and communication skills, your Leadership abilities and how you are a team player. Cite all these with proper examples .Keep in mind that you don’t have to write something that the admission committee wants to hear. Rather make it real and write a credible story.

Your short term and long term career goal :This must a logical progression to your academic achievements as well as professional experience. And there should also be credibility in your future plans along with your predetermined path through which you want to reach there.

Extracurricular skills with examples: Every admission committee wants to take such students who will enrich their multicultural environment. For e.g. one students who knows ballet has a better chance of being selected over another student who is academically and professionally equal, but has no extracurricular activities. So whatever that keeps you glued in your free time, be it charity, music, camping, trekking, river rafting, anything, you need to explain it. It will surely help your candidature.

Why this school: You need to show your genuine interest in the school as well as in the program. You also need to justify why you prefer this school over others. It may be the curriculum, student community   , international network, location of the school, world class faculty .Whatever it is you need to justify how much value the school will add to your life.

Your expectation from the MBA program: You know yourself the best. You know your achievements and failure. So what you aspire to learn from this program, and how do you think the college will help you in your career progression, both professional and personal.

What can you contribute to the community: Every student is expected to add to the richness of the class . You need to prove that you have something that others will be benefitted from. Your mastery over academics, or  your analytical and problem solving ability, how you are good at managing a team, or if  you have mastery over many languages. You can also write how you can contribute to the class through your soft skills.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why MBA Essay at Gateway2mba?

You are a good candidate and fit for an IVY MBA. Your GMAT score reflects that. You have outstanding academic scores and professional credentials. So you are THE Student for your dream business school, and you have crossed your fingers that any moment you will get the call from that dream b-school. However, sadly getting into a premier business school is no high school exam. You are fighting against the rest of the world, rather against the best of the world. So it is of utmost importance that you leave no stone unturned to do your part. To go that extra mile, which will make your candidature better than the rest of the world. The fact is every other individual has something unique in her that sets her apart. You need to highlight all those little yet beautiful things to the MBA admission committee.

But how? You are not going to show them your brighter side, unless they call you for an interview. Only a chosen few get that privilege. However, there is absolutely no reason to be fret or be disheartened. You have a sure short way to portray the best part of your candidature. And that through well articulated well reasoned powerful MBA admission essays. Every business school you are applying to has few essays that you need to write and send them along with your GMAT score.

There are a lot of students who are good writers. And can write powerful articles. So if you are in that bracket, you sure can write good essays for application and send them to your dream b-school and pray that your essay is good enough to compete with all those other good students to catch the eye of the admission committee. Or you have the option to make sure your essay is powerful enough to attract their attention. To make them so eloquent that they become your alter ego, they reflect your real self, the better you, the best part of you. You are advised to visit Gateway2MBA’s MBA SOP Tips page and write best MBA personal statement. For those carrier oriented students who don’t leave their carrier on providence, there is GATEWAY2MBA. A premier MBA essay editing company that gives you step by step guidance with their dexterous editors who have passed from the top B-schools of the world and have mastered the art of MBA essay editing. They are abreast of what is in vogue and what the committee seeks to find in an essay. Gateway2MBA’s professional editors will guide you to the write best MBA statement of purpose with a compelling why you are the best candidature for their MBA. You are also advised to visit Gateway2MBA website and read the why MBA essay tips to write winning MBA essays.

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